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December 14, 2015

TeamHD: We Have a New Landing Page!

TeamHD had a few changes in 2015, going from the National Running Team of Huntington Society of Canada to a more inclusive team of volunteers, organizers, participants and donors. With these changes came a whole new opportunity to get involved and create events for HSC.
To take advantage of this opportunity, we wanted to create a hub for all things TeamHD, and so we are excited to present to you our new landing page! At TeamHD.ca, you can find everything you need to be a part of our team. Learn about us, register for events, follow us on Facebook, read tips for fundraising, and see a list of FAQs in case you have a question.
Most importantly, we have a way to start a new event! First, fill out our online form that asks all the important questions. Once you’re finished, the form will be submitted to us and we can go from there having all the information we need to help you! Our hope is that this makes the process more streamlined and will encourage more people to organize events in their community.
Another great thing about the new landing page is that it can be used to promote events too! If one of your friends or potential donors wants to know more about HSC events and TeamHD, sending them to TeamHD.ca can give them the information they need to become part of the team too by participating or donating to the cause.
Go check out our new landing page! We hope you enjoy it.

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