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December 14, 2015

Longest Standing Run for HD in Canada: Vernon Run

The Annual Run to Finish HD takes place in Vernon, British Columbia and is run by the Okanagan Chapter. This event was the first run planned in Canada to fundraise for the Huntington Society and 2015 was be the eighth year of the event! The Vernon Run has been a strong and well-supported event in the region since the very first year, and thanks to some core family and friends, they are proud to say their fundraising event is fun and successful!
Posters and brochures are distributed around the community, and with the use of press releases and Facebook community and event pages, the organizers successfully get the word out about their event, resulting in attendance of over 100 people most years. They have also developed a relationship with the Vernon Morning Star, a local newspaper that has supported the event as a sponsor in the past and encourages their staff to participate.
Changes in the running route have shifted and adapted to the needs of participants, and the event has become a time to socialize with community members, eat together, play together, and exchange information with their supportive Social Worker. What hasn’t changed is the feeling of community, the generosity of participants and their families, and the organizers and volunteers who feel a sense of ownership when it comes to the event and their respective duties.
With the experience of the last eight years, the organizers do everything on their check lists and witness the community come together to raise money for a great cause, easily managing any hiccups that might happen along the way! The hard work is rewarded by seeing that beyond the run and raising money, the contribution they make is for those affected by HD.
“It’s wonderful to see how much fun people have and to provide an opportunity for the HD community to share their stories. The event is an chance for family and friends to gather around those with HD.”
–Laurie Williams, Okanagan Chapter Member
Thank you to everyone involved in planning and executing the Annual Run to Finish HD in Vernon, BC! 

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