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March 17, 2017

Irish You Were at the St. Patrick's Day 5K!

On Sunday, March 12, some past and present National Staff members met with TeamHD registered participants to shamROCK the Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5K run/walk through the heart of downtown Toronto.

For months leading up to the race, people registered with various charities to participate in the race. Our team registered through TeamHD to raise money for the Huntington Society of Canada while aiming for our St. Patrick's themed incentives such as a green gear kit, tie-dyed t-shirts and more.

After all the fundraising and preparation, we all braved the bitter cold and enjoyed the scenic route. At the end of the race, we devoured a hot bowl of Irish chili and an ice-cold Steam Whistle beverage while listening to some Irish entertainment and celebrating participant awards.

It was a great experience seeing everyone decked out in their St. Patrick's themed running gear and enjoying this unique event. Thanks to all who participated, we raised a total of $$2,835 with 16 participants!

We can't wait for next year!

This race kicked off the variety of events TeamHD is involved with this year in locations across Canada. TeamHD is the Huntington Society of Canada's group of participants who register, fundraise for and complete marathons in various locations across Canada throughout the year. Visit www.hscevents.ca/teamhd to view participating races, register and start fundraising today!

March 14, 2017


Your event is going well, everyone is smiling and having a good time. Everything is as it should be and you're raising lots of money, but at the end of the night, some people are still leaving with money in their pockets that they intended to spend.

Often times, people will come to a fundraising event with a certain amount of money they are willing to spend to benefit the cause. If these people do not see anything in the auctions they would like to bid on or still have money left after buying what interests them they need another opportunity to donate that money for the cause. Fund-A-Need is a request for donations that happens at the end of the silent auction or live auction. Keep reading to discover how to incorporate this element into your fundraising event!

Step One:
Start the fund-a-need with a guest talking about their HD experience or show a short video that explains the certain cause you are fundraising for. This should "sell" your cause to the crowd. A good story is key.

Step Two:
The emcee should then go through a series of donation levels in descending order such as $500, $350, $250, etc. These can be set to best suit your event.

Step Three:
Event attendees raise their hand to support at their chosen level amount and volunteers throughout the room will collect names and amounts.

Step Four:
Thank donors, announce the total and continue with your event.

A Fund-A-Need is traditionally done at a gala type event, but can be done at golf tournaments, dances, concerts and even walks. Instead of having volunteers collect the donations, you could also have a jar on the table for attendees to put money in or various other ways, but bids often work the best. To set the tone of the Fund-A-Need, it is best to gather a few "ringers" who agree in advance to donate at a higher level to set the tone for the activity. 

By adding a Fund-A-Need to your event, you can increase your event revenue by giving attendees an opportunity to donate to the cause - often the reason they are there! For more information or to add a fund-a-need to your event, contact events@huntingtonsociety.ca

March 09, 2017

Keep Calm and Raise Lots of Money

It can always be difficult to plan an event that depends on the weather conditions. For the Winnipeg Chapter, they were excited and ready for the third year of their annual two-day snowmobile ride, HD500, when a warm spell hit the area. The conditions weren't right for snowmobiling on the February 24-25 weekend, but Brett Mitchell and volunteers didn't let that stop them from having fun and still raising thousands over last year and their initial goal.

By thinking on their feet and staying calm in light of the significant change of plans, Mitchell and volunteers reassured attendees of the fun activities still going on. The new plan included a fishing derby, bonfire and fireworks with the option to still ride, but using a quad rather than a snowmobile.

The group was still able to raise over $16,000 which was $5,000 over last year's total!

In order to ensure your event is successful no matter what crisis comes up, always develop a Plan B. Think of the "what ifs" associated with your event... What if the entertainment falls through? What if it rains at your walk or run? By considering these possibilities, you can be prepared for any crisis that may arise and ensure your event is still as successful as it can be.

By remaining calm and being flexible in the event schedule, the Winnipeg Chapter has set a fantastic example of what it means to re-actively take control of their event in a time of crisis and still manage to be successful.

Congratulations, team!